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Creating experiences and connections to inspire your craft.

You are Creative

You are an artist, a maker, a crafter of delight. Whether you create gifts for friends and family, décor items for your home, apparel for your kid’s sports team, or items to sell at fairs and online, you are driven by the need to build, shape, and design something meaningful and beautiful. Something that makes others smile. Or maybe something just for you, to lovingly capture and keep your memories.

At Parsbee, our process starts and ends with you. While there are endless possibilities for our materials, your artisanship is what brings them to life. This artisanship is a culmination of who you are, your experiences, your skills, and your knowledge. And we want to help you express your creativity in the easiest, most fun way possible.

About Parsbee

In the simplest terms, Parsbee provides an extensive and growing line of craft supplies - vinyls, heat transfers for apparel, and the specialty tools you need to execute your creative vision.  Every product has been carefully curated to make sure we have only the highest-quality products at a great price.  After all, we are crafters too.  We have suffered through working with hard-to-use products.  We have had to scrap entire projects because the materials we were using were sub-standard.  And we have had to pay a small fortune for supplies to make sure we got high quality results.  This is why we created Parsbee – to supply you with the VERY BEST premium products at the VERY BEST price.

The Community

We have also suffered through newbie mistakes.  Sometimes we inspiration to realize our vision.  Or we just want to talk to someone else who shares our passion.  We need advice on how to make our creative business grow and succeed.  Sometimes we need to vent.  We want to learn new techniques.  And of course we love to show off our completed work. 

Parsbee is committed to supporting craft education, providing new sources for ideas and inspiration, giving guidance, sharing knowledge and connecting crafters with their fellow community members.  We make it our goal every day to be more than just a source for materials.  By learning and growing together, we can build a strong and vibrant community!

Our commitment to this community is paramount to who we are and what we do, and is evidenced through the exceptional quality of our products and our interactions with you.  Our true purpose is to support this community and empower you to realize your creative vision.

About that name . . . 

Our commitment to the crafting community is reflected in our name: Parsbee. The first part of the name is pars, which is a rough Latin translation for the English word craft as well as partportion, and share. The second part of the name is quite literally for the insect, the bee. Bees are often associated with crafters because their symbolism is tied to community as well as hard work and industry. So, in the end, Parsbee is the name we chose in honor of you and the busy and industrious community of which you are an important part.