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Creating experiences and connections to inspire your craft.

Who We Are

At Parsbee, our process starts and ends with you. While there are endless possibilities for our materials, your artisanship is what brings them to life. This artisanship is a culmination of who you are, your experiences, your skills, and your knowledge. In crafting, the practice of your art is essential, as is the sharing of knowledge from those who are already versed in the craft. The experiences of sharing and learning align with the oral tradition of spreading knowledge, one that is based on verbal instruction and the telling of stories, with its roots going back to ancient times. Through this rich heritage of learning and growing together, crafters have built strong and vibrant communities. And whether for inspiration, guidance, or support, crafters stay connected beyond simply acquiring a basic skill. Our commitment to this community is paramount to what we are and what we do, and is materialized through the exceptional quality of our products.

Why “Parsbee”?

Our commitment to the crafting community is reflected in our name: Parsbee. We found that searching for a unique, creative business name is not unlike the process of naming a child. We brought a new entity into this world, and we wanted to give it a name that it can be proud of and that means something. But since we didn’t want Parsbee to belong to us, but to all of you as well, we chose a name that meant something to the larger crafting community. The first part of the name is pars, which is a rough Latin translation for the English word craft as well as part, portion, and share. The second part of the name is quite literally for the insect, the bee. Bees are often associated with crafters because their symbolism is tied to community as well as hard work and industry. So, in the end, Parsbee is the name we chose in honor of you and the community you are a part of.

What We Do

Commitment goes beyond a single word or action, though. It, like crafting, is a practice. And we practice our commitment daily through our actions online. By supporting the tradition of craft practice education, providing new sources for ideas and inspiration, and connecting crafters with their fellow community members, we make it our goal every day to be more than just a source for materials. Our true purpose is to support this community and empower crafters to realize their creative visions.